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Jumping Monkeys Weather and Cancellation Policies

Weather Policy:

  • Bouncer MUST be staked to the ground securely at all times to prevent tipping or injury. DO NOT USE IF WINDS EXCEED 20MPH: bouncer can flip over in high winds. If high winds exist, exit the bouncer immediately and turn off the blower.
  • Do not operate the bouncer when raining or if ground is wet. Risk of serious injury due to slipping hazards and electric shock from the blower if wet conditions exist.
  • There will be no refunds or reductions in price due to bad weather once the unit is delivered to the address of the Lessee by Jumping Monkeys.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any reservations due to severe or imminent deterioration of weather conditions, strong winds and/or heavy rains. You will receive a full refund if we cancel due to weather.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Jumping Monkeys inventories are in great demand, especially in the peak season. We receive multiple requests for our bouncers. When you reserve with us, we do not double-book.
  • It is imperative that you consider ample time to inform us as to any cancellation. Please review our policy regarding cancellations below if you need to cancel your reservation.
  • We require at least 1 week of notification of cancellation prior to your scheduled event; if you should have to cancel within the 72-hour time frame you will forfeit your full deposit.
  • The only exception to this is: in the case of rain or inclement weather wherein the cancellation fee assessment will be waived. All orders are subject to this policy.
  • There is no cost to reschedule the rental if done 24 hours prior to your event; rescheduling is subject to availability.